On the morning of June 5, a series of Israeli airstrikes destroyed the Egyptian, Syrian, and Jordanian air forces. Israeli ground forces were now free to operate without fear of enemy air attacks, leading to a rout of the Egyptian army in the Sinai. Through back channels, Israel had implored Jordan to stay out of the war, but Jordanian forces shelled Israel from the West Bank anyway, which brought in the Israeli army.

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It gonna be a great school for her. Salem girl coach Nick McWilliams, whose daughter Katie was on the Saxons 2015 state championship team, called Westbrook of the greatest players to play in our town and our state. Told her all along, where you feel is best for you, McWilliams said..

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My long term goal is to help as many people as possible change their ways, or stand up to the person of whom they were once afraid. We can reach this goal with enough effort and determination! Once again, Welcome to a place where you fit in. TylersWarriors StayStrong.

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We have another taking wing now and now after at least 14 iterations of flightless(by knowledge) geese they’ve started getting the hang of it. Some go over the roof to the other side and some ride the wind. Some get up and crash into us holding the succulent bread They’re getting there and I wonder if this years will be any better! Not to mention they make great watchdogs.

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plane crash ignites inferno in california

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