This tour happens every 10 years with a Canadian ladies team reciprocating by touring Scotland. It is a great opportunity to foster our curling relationship with Scotland, the birthplace of curling. I see on their website that the Scots are leading Canada as of Nov.

Focus is on EMS and family with a specific focus this year on healthy heroes. Thousands of people flowed through Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Camp Hill for the annual event. Baklava, pistachio and more filled the menu, along with entertainment and vendors.

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The gang came from all over the tri state area. One woman who now lives in Florida was set to travel to the site, just for the reunion, but recently cancelled her plans because of Hurricane Matthew. Members of the gang now have careers in varied fields, from sales, construction, engineering and building maintenance to electricial, plumbing, auto body, painting and phones.

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As with regular pies, the fillings can be made with juicy sweet or tart fruits, creamy concoctions like coconut or banana, and an unlimited array of different savoury fillings made with vegetables, cheeses wholesale jerseys from china, vegetable protein and/or meats. The edges of the crusts can be fluted, pinched, folded or twirled. As well, slab pies can be given lattice toppings, crumble toppings or cutouts including polka dots, squares or hearts..

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